Do you want to get involved at Wintergreen Resort?

Do you want to get involved at Wintergreen Resort? Well, here are a few options which cater to a variety of ways to do just that.

The Wintergreen Nature Foundation (TWNF)

TWNF was founded in 1976 and has one purpose which is to promote understanding and foster a love of nature amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains. They do this by sponsoring educational events and caring for the natural beauty in and around the mountains. TWNF also maintains over 30 miles of hiking trails for use by the public. From monitoring local wildlife to advising property owners, their presence in the area helps is so many ways. You can get involved to be a part of this wonderful organization by visiting

Rockfish Valley Foundation (RVF)

RVF is another organization dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the Rockfish Valley. Their mission is to provide education and fun to all visitors of the Rockfish Valley while enjoying nature responsibly. The RVF Headquarters is located next door to Spruce Creek Park at the Natural History Center. This is the perfect place for an easy family-friendly stroll and a great birding location.

Friends of the Rockfish Watershed (FORWatershed)

This organization focuses on preserving the integrity of the Rockfish River running through Nelson County, VA. They aim to educate the public on how to keep the river beautiful while maintaining the river’s health. Get involved at

As you can see, Nelson County is dedicated to keeping our natural home beautiful for future generations!

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