Have you ever heard the old saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”? Well, this is definitely true when selling your home! I tell all of my clients who are selling their home that Buyers usually decide whether they are interested in purchasing a home within 8 – 10 seconds of walking through the front door. Having worked with countless Sellers and Buyers, I can certainly attest to the merit of this mentality. It is crucial when selling your home to heed the advice below as it will help accomplish your primary goal – sell your home as quickly as possible for the most amount of money! The advice below is a list of certain tips regarding what you should avoid as well as the things which will be beneficial.

1) Not Preparing Your Property for Sale

This limits the range of potential Buyers who will visit the property. A little preparation goes a long way as we want to get as many people through your house as possible. It is a numbers game!

2) Overpricing Your Property

Give credence to the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). I will provide you with a thorough report on the current market and how your property fits into this market.

3) Being Present when Showings Occur

This can make potential Buyers uncomfortable as the presence of the home owner will more than likely make visitors feel rushed and uneasy. We want them to feel at home as soon as they walk in the door.

4) Pets and Odors

Not all potential Buyers are animal friendly. Please arrange for your pets to be removed from the property or placed in kennels during showings. Clean the cat litter on a daily basis and attempt to hide it from view if this is possible. Many visitors may also be turned off by other odors including cigarette/cigar smoke and heavy perfumes. It is best to control these odors in order to appeal to others.

5) Limiting Access to Your Property

In order to sell your property, visitors are going to need access to it. It is not favorable to limit access since potential Buyers are typically going to have interest in seeing multiple properties. If your property is not available for a visit, there is a strong possibility that it will fall to the bottom of the list.

6) Failing to Recognize a Good Offer

It is recommended that you consider any offer which meets your minimum price. We will have discussed your minimum in advance and will be able to recognize any offers which seem reasonable in a rather quick manner based on this. If this occurs, I recommend that you try to make it work.