Where do I eat at Wintergreen Resort!

Where do I eat at Wintergreen Resort? There are so many options for you to enjoy delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere at Wintergreen. Are you looking for something quick while on the go since no one sits still when they are here or would you like to relax and take your time staring at the mountains? Well, Wintergreen has all of the above.

The Market offers on the go options including soups, salads, and gourmet deli sandwiches in the blink of an eye. Picnic style seating gives a great place to stop and take a break while enjoying all of the activities available at Wintergreen. The Market is also a general store where you can pick up any items you may have forgotten on your way here such as milk, eggs, pancake mix, condiments, cheese, crackers, chips, wine, and beer.

The Terrace Cafe is best known for it’s amazing local coffee and breakfast items. It recently expanded to provide lunch sandwiches. The location inside the Mountain Inn serves you well as you grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa before hitting the slopes or the hiking trails.

The Edge serves primarily as the go-to family friendly restaurant and music venue on the top of the mountain. If you can, get a seat in one of the booths overlooking the ski slopes and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Enjoy your meal and enjoy the scenery out the windows or stay focused on the game while watching any number of flat screen tvs. Appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and entrees crafted to perfection.

The Copper Mine Bistro takes things up a notch by offering a spectacular breakfast option before shifting gears to provide a classy dinner menu based on a Mediterranean theme. Outside seating will only enhance your time at Wintergreen!


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